Princess Cadence!

by Joe
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Published on: November 3, 2013

20131103-145456.jpgHere Cadence is being transformed into a princess!

20131103-145553.jpgJust a touch of pixie dust!

20131103-145635.jpgCinderella loved Cadence’s dress and hair!

20131103-145759.jpgHere Cadence strikes a pose with Aurora.

20131103-145842.jpgRapunzel is dads 2nd favorite princess, after Cadence of course!

20131103-150026.jpgSnow White loved the fact Cadence went “shopping” in Elsa’s Closet!

One comment on “Princess Cadence!

  1. Kathy just on said:

    Cadee looked so beautiful !! Beautiful photos with all of the other princesses !!

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